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Benefits - SmartTCP Automatic Welding Solution

From virtual model to welding sparks in a matter of minutes

SmartTCP offers the following key benefits:

•   Reliability - The SmartTCP solution is built with existing, reputable off-the-shelf hardware systems.

•   Speed - Decrease production time by reducing time consuming robot teaching. This increased efficiency opens doors to new lines of business.

•   Increased quality and reliability by implementing a knowledge base. Production is based on on-going accumulated knowledge and performed repeatedly and consistently at high quality, independent of human imperfection and task complexity.

•   Reduced dependency on an expert arc-welding staff. Set-up and on-going maintenance of the knowledge base is performed by an expert engineer, but on-going robot teaching can be performed by less qualified staff.

•   Rapid implementation - The system is easy to use and has a short
learning curve.

•   Flexibility - The short teaching cycle enables short-run, flexible production, which increases the variety of products' output, assists in managing inventories and improves time to market.

•   Lower costs - Maximize the productivity and cost efficiency of your
welding operation.

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