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Highlights - SmartTCP Automatic Welding Solution

•   Modular, three-dimensional working envelope built with standard
off-the-shelf manufacturing systems

•   TCP reach-ability without any robot configuration constraints

•   Working envelope can be expanded/decreased at any time

•   Automatic tool path creation of unlimited number of seams in
complex geometries

•   Automatic seam type creation based on geometry and master topology

•   Automatic robot welding behavior based on geometry and master topology

•   Automatic via path between welds

•   Automatic ordering

•   Automatic teaching of complex multi-axis manufacturing environment, robot and externals (in complex work-pieces it can go up to 12 axes)

•   Automatic control on all other NC components (welding equipment, calibration, searching, inspection or vision)

•   Automatic scheduling of all seven automatic operations mentioned above

•   Comprehensive set of manual tools for deleting, editing or new creates of seam type, weld type, via-path, ordering and teaching

•   Set of flexible simulation tools for close inspection and analysis

•   Clear log indication of local failed operation and tools to fix them

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